Apollo 18+20 (Various Authors)

Twenty years ago this March, They Might Be Giants released the album Apollo 18. I’d like to create a kind of interactive fiction tribute album, i.e., a set of games, each inspired by a track on the album. And I’d like your help![Project announcement]

Stephen and I played these games this evening – here are a few we particularly liked:

[01. Dig My Grave by Ryan Veeder]
[12. Which Describes How You’re Feeling by Adam Parrish]
[17. Fingertips: Everything Is Catching on Fire by E. Joyce]
[19. Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow by Jacqueline A. Lott]
[24. Fingertips: Aren’t You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye? by Michael Hilborn]
[35. Fingertips: I’m Having a Heart Attack by Andrew Schultz]

[All 38 games]

If you like any of the other games in the collection, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments!


  1. For a second I thought this post was in my TMBG feed.

  2. Definitely check out Dinner Bell if you haven’t yet. I’m not just saying that because the author is my girlfriend, honest.