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Voice of God (tommakesgames)

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 01.23.08

IF with it[Author’s description]

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I am not guilty! (holgk)

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I didn’t was able to put all my ideas in. [Author’s description]

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Backstabber (Exoticorn)

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[…] he would press ‘x’ togive a friendly stab[Author’s description]

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You Only Get One Limb (vapgames)

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Grab and Hold: A (gamepad) or X (keyboard). [Author’s description]

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Cat Gentlemans Play: Insult Spinner 10 Cents (robotloveskitty)

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Two cat gentlemen, insults, honor, one chance to aim and one bullet to settle their dispute! Who will win? you decide![Author’s description]

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Dojo of Death (nicotuason)

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Mouse to move, left-click to thrust.[Author’s description]

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You Only Get One Chance (danman9914)

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You only get one chance![Author’s description]

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Last Chance Supermarket (Sebastian Lague)

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Last Chance Supermarket is an exhilarating shopping experience, with death lurking around every aisle. [Author’s description]

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Bl1nd (Shaun Lebron)


[…]but you’re not alone.[Author’s description]

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The Everloom (Kajenx)

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If you have some problems with lag, try disabling hardware acceleration.[Author’s description]

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