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weird bug (Jonah Ostroff)

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Hey you should add yourself as a co-author once you’ve fixed everything.[Author’s description]

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changeType() – (Nitrome)

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changeType[Author’s description]

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Loris Pet Simulator (joffeorama)

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Lorises are a slow-moving, adorable and strange primate found distantly related to the lemur[Author’s description]

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Flappybalt (Adam Saltsman)

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Press space to flap[Author’s description]

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Nothing To Hide (NCASE)

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with the help of hundreds[Author’s description]

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Dungeon Keeper Review Simulator (Jonathan Cresswell)

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5ive [Author’s description]

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Slidings (Alain Brobecker)


Bring a ball on the spot[Author’s description]

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Space Crush Saga (xkoster)

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of your lifetime in[Author’s description]

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Chaos Wizard (Mark Wonnacott)


pay attention to the rival wizard’s spells[Author’s description]

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yunbo (

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あそびかた[Author’s description]

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