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notes from the casketgirl (sloane)


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A(s)century (Austin Walker, Scott Hallam, Steve Kim)


A text based cyberpunk adventure/choice-game/history-sim.[Author’s description]

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Mangia (Nina Freeman)


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Solarium (Alan DeNiro)


The year is 1954. One year after mutually assured destruction. And I am trying to find you, through memory and alchemy. Not many people know how the nuclear devastation really happened. But we do. 

We were part of Solarium.[Author’s description]

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A Russian Valentine (empty_fortress)


Move with arrow keys, hold ‘X’ to kiss your boyfriend, press ‘X’ for next dialog. – [Author’s description]

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// (Deirdra Kiai)

parallelIt was written for the newly-formed Artists Anonymous group based in Santa Cruz, prompted by the words “mirror”, “growth”, and “parallel”.

It is also a prequel to my current work in progress, more news of which will come later. – [Author’s description]


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TrademarkVille (Molleindustria, Mikhail Popov)


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Saturn V (Cosmo D)


“Saturn V” started out as a song off of our new EP “Lakeside Obelisk,” and I wanted to do something with the song that would allow the listener to connect to it in a new way…Each of the personalities of the band, Hirshi, Kroba and Cosmo D (myself) are represented in various ways throughout this level.  I use a technique known as ‘verical mixing’ to bring out various aspects of the song depending on where you are in the level.[Author’s description]

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reProgram (Soha El-Sabaawi)


A Twine about meditation, kink sexuality, and romance[Author’s description]

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Lights Out, Please (Kaitlin Tremblay)


The purpose of Lights Out, Please is to show how the typical fear and terror in urban legends and ghost stories is a daily fear for many women, especially those women who have been the victims of sexual harassment or violence. I wanted to show that it’s not always monsters and the supernatural that cause the greatest worry — but that instead, it’s sometimes the people we know and that are closest to us that are the biggest threat. – [Author’s description]

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