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Candy’s Crushes Saga (Pierrec, Lise)


Made with PuzzleScript for the Candy Jam. – [Author’s description]

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At the Cafe (pierrec)

A two players (or not) cooperative (or not) game[Author’s description]

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A thing about nothingness (Pierrec, Sy)


There are 9+1 “endings”.[Author’s description]

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Split Fighters (Pierrec)

It’s the story of a girl, Severine, who just broke up with her boyfriend. But the most difficult part isn’t the break-up, it’s what comes after, when you have to confront all your friends and family.[Author’s description]

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The Quite Annoying League (Pierrec)

Being annoying is easy. It’s accessible to everyone.
Being quite annoying on the other hand is a real challenge.
You need to strongly bother your victims, but just not enough to allow them to reproach you anything.
Only those who can maintain this perfect balance might be admitted in the Quite Annoying League!
Those are the worse villains!
[Author’s Description]

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Tiny Soccer Manager Stories (PierreC)

I tried to craft an experience more than I tried to craft a game. So…if you don’t like the game, you might want to hold on to get the experience.[Author’s Description]

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Coin-Operated Afternoon (Pierrec, Felix)

a stop-motion animated game[Author’s Description]

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Sister’s Little Helper (Pierrec)

Sister’s Little Helper features :
– A rolling joint simulation
– 45 unique “stories” [Author’s description]

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Ok… Now this is akward! (Pierrec)

As usual, my game is much a story than a game, and as usual, I didn’t took the theme too litteraly.
Tiny World evoked me this thing you say when you stumble across someone you didn’t expect to see: “It’s a small world!”
[Author’s description]

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Princess Kingdom (Nicolas Cannasse)

The Hero has been kidnapped by the Evil, and the Princess has to do all the work to restore the Kingdom and save him.[Author’s description]

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