Untrusted (Alex Nisnevitch)

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  1. Wow, this gets hard, and I feel like i’m cheating – but maybe that’s the point? Really cool.

  2. player.atLocation() is apparently not a function, despite being in the API and being part of my solution to level 9.

  3. This game is awesome! I love games that reward you for “cheating” and that have many possible solutions.

  4. Very clever game, I enjoyed playing it.

  5. Well, I think I fucked it up, because I wrote a wrong number and I can’t get the computer from the begenning and I’m outside the mat, and the little light blue box says “You have to get the computer” or something like that, AND I CAN’T MODIFY THE CODE! I rebooted my PC, entered to the game link and the same -‘.- do you know how can I fix that?