Corvus/Corax (PoshRaven)

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  1. Please tell me you don’t actually have to go in a circle with 1234 movement controls 50 times. I must be missing something. Right?

    • No, you try to 5 times, get to 45, and then there’s a loud burst of static, at which point I abruptly quit.

      • Well, you should really consider to finish it. You don’t even know what kind of magic awaits right after that “burst of static”. If it hurts your ears, just lower your volume!

        • Is it something you find worthwhile? For my part, jump scares (and their ilk) tend to earn a “NOPE DONE” from me.

          • There are no jumpscares, the developer implemented a cool sort of storyline that’s left to your own interpretation. It’s worth a shot for sure.

  2. Well, Shit. 😥 (Seriously, this game is really good.)