TrademarkVille (Molleindustria, Mikhail Popov)


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  1. This one’s real fun. We seem to have quickly exhausted all words that aren’t just one big sentence mashed together.

    Including “woman” as a word to guess is really ill-advised, though. I’ve already run into a number of unpleasant hints.

    • There are still plenty of words left! Within the past hour I’ve successfully “trademarked”: Dracula, potable, redistributor, collectible, ferrous, mainstay, flick, response, unreal, impaler (along with a number of questionable compound words and neologisms).

      Most of mine were guessed quickly. I don’t think all my hints were ~that~ good, so I suspect the finite set of initial trademarks means that anyone who knows them can easily brute force correct guesses for points.

  2. Paolo (Molleindustria)

    Yes, we noticed a few sexists / essentialist entries. Not including gendered terms and characters would reduce the risk but if we do so “the terrorists have won”. We are thinking of a “flag” button to report users who submit offensive definitions or unfun strategies.

  3. The “rename a thing” option doesn’t seem to work have the time, and the majority of people’s guesses are either massively obvious, references, or (more often) just something completely obtuse.

  4. I was very interested in playing this until I saw that it requires a Facebook or Twitter login. I am not going to play it now.