Tamachang Escape (Shimage)

It is stage complete when a ball is carried outside. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. I’m stuck on this. I found a single launch spot that works for the first 3 levels, but I can’t get the ball out of the structure on the 4th.

    Once again, Shimage offers up a fascinating, deceptively simple game.

    • I somehow managed to get the ball to freedom out the right window on level 4 by bouncing it off the floor (there’s more force applied the closer the ball is to the laser), but it was a fluke. That level’s tough for depth perception since the ball’s shadow gets subsumed by the structure’s.

      Level 5 demands quite a bit more finesse than I currently possess.

      • Yeah, I did that last level completely by accident. I’m not sure it’s possible to acquire the ‘skill’ necessary with the controls.

        Pretty fascinating stuff all the same, I swear we’ve posted near every Shimage game. 😀

      • I was completely stuck in level 5 until I realised that you could do a “power charge” (instructions on the page where the game is). Then things became much simpler.