Save the City (Thomas Palef)

each week I’ll try to make a new game. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. Lovely!

    Nice art & concept. Love how in bed the narrative is with your actions.

  2. Interesting idea. It feels very strange to not use the space bar…

  3. —you are not supposed to see this—

    • enter enter enter

      Although, I don’t think there’s a way past that question mark. Unless there is. Maybe the game is an iceberg and we’ll never have any idea. 😯

      • Vincent Povirk

        You can easily read the source code of the game in the linked play.js file.

        That enter works may be a bug, as it’s not programmed in specifically. The game subtracts 32 from each non-space character to map it to a keyboard keycode (for letters this happens to transform lowercase into uppercase, and it also happens that the keycodes for letter keys are their uppercase ascii values). The ascii code for ‘-‘ is 45, and the keycode for enter is 13.

        To get the ‘?’ you’d have to type the “IME mode change” key. I have no idea how to do that. Anyway, there are no lines after “are you a hacker?”, and I’m not sure what will happen if you somehow get past it. Kill screen maybe?