Ditto (Nitrome)

Use the Arrow and ‘WASD’ keys to move around, jump and glide. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Really cool, but some of those levels are just painful

  2. I got 130/128 gems, did I miss a “good ending” because of that?

  3. This was pretty fun, and really great visuals and sound design! It got super tough though, I felt like some of the enemies were a bit on the unfair side, but I loved the puzzles.

  4. I only got ~80/128. I was sad that there was no way to “redo” a level if I missed a gem. In some levels I just accidentally fell into the door, but doing that seems to mean you have to restart.

    • They got a bit obsessed with avoiding the stock Nitrome level selection, and then any form of menu in any way at all.

      It’s good to be brave like that, but yeah. I think the gem challenge is the thing that didn’t gel with their vision. Maybe speed running would have been better.