A Russian Valentine (empty_fortress)


Move with arrow keys, hold ‘X’ to kiss your boyfriend, press ‘X’ for next dialog. – [Author’s description]

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  1. I enjoyed this, but is it possible to avoid the police at all?

  2. I managed to carve out a safe spot after some running around… at which point the lovers could kiss for all eternity so long as they didn’t take another step : ( Really sold the tragedy of the topic for me.

  3. This is hella powerful and it hurts a lot

    • I know what you mean, and I’m sorry you feel that too. I sometimes wish I could be more subtle about things than bluntly pointing at how sordid and hurtful they are 🙁 If virtual hugs from internet strangers are OK for you, please accept one.

  4. Wow, very glad to see it here, thank you porp, and thanks everyone for the comments!