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Kramer Vs Kramer (ootsby)

Play as Ted Kramer. Struggle with the aftermath of your wife leaving you to cope as a lone parent to your son, Billy.[Author’s description]

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FlapBound (Cory Martin)


A game that’s coincidentally, possibly similar to Flappy Bird and EarthBound. – [Author’s description]

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Threes JS (Angela Li)


A tiny browser clone of Threes![Author’s description]

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HOMEunculus (Tina Kalinger, James Hulse, Elizabeth Finley, Emily Hulse, Kyle Chittenden, Rachel Leiker)

You are the house. Get out.[Author’s description]

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Lost In Her Eye (Blengineer)

Explore somewhere that you’ve (almost definitely) never been before. [Author’s description]

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Space Whale (Chris Dodds, Luna Li, Sophia Pretoria George, John Cooper, Tin Katavic, Shwetha Rao, Ramkumar Thiagarajan, Robin Berry)

A psychedelic explosion of colour, fish and meta-galactic mammals.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Mime-o-vision (nihilocrat, Geoffrey Cooper, Francis Sheridan Paré)

2 player game. One player have controls but cannot see the traps and obstacles. The other player sees everything, but have no control. Which means players have to communicate to navigate the environment. Oh… but it’s forbidden to talk. You have to MIME!!!
Spread the game window over 2 monitors so that each player only see half the screen. The player with the keyboard/mouse should see the left side. The player with no control should see the right side.
[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]
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[Download for Linux]

The Way of Yiji (Andre Eichemberg)

You are a samurai, that after an attack on your village and the death of your beloved, must carry your child, Yiji, to the Temple of the Lively Light.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Stardust Defense (Masamune Games)

星空に光舞う防衛ゲーム『スターダスト ディフェンス』公開しました![Author’s description]

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MazeClimber (Sasatakey)

ひたすら迷路を登りマグマから逃げるアクションゲームです。[Author’s description]

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