Museum of Parallel Art (Neverpants, Various Artists)

two-player Museum game in which you view art, play cards that represent how you feel[Author’s description]

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[Download for Windows]
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[Download for Linux]


  1. This is glorious. The game designed for you to become an expert heart-reader.

  2. I wish all museums were digital. I had a lot of fun just looking at the art. Being able to wander around in a “physical” environment helped a lot in keeping me engaged. It made me into a digital person looking at digital things in a digital place, instead of a real-life person looking at digital things in a real-life place. It’s like you gotta get all the tumblers in order for maximum fun, or something. Like a slot machine.

    (also, I played this by myself. please don’t tell nobody, I don’t wanna get in trouble)

  3. This is amazing, but it’s already ruined by Pony Porn. Fuck you, the internet.