Mime-o-vision (nihilocrat, Geoffrey Cooper, Francis Sheridan Paré)

2 player game. One player have controls but cannot see the traps and obstacles. The other player sees everything, but have no control. Which means players have to communicate to navigate the environment. Oh… but it’s forbidden to talk. You have to MIME!!!
Spread the game window over 2 monitors so that each player only see half the screen. The player with the keyboard/mouse should see the left side. The player with no control should see the right side.
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  1. i need two monitors AND a friend?

  2. Yes, sorry. It’s complicated to play right? If you do, I hope you will like it. The feedback so far is always very positive so I don’t worry too much.

  3. Question for Noyb: How did you find our game?? We didn’t show it anywhere and nearly never talked about it, because we didn’t know how to present online a game online that requires 2 monitors and a friend and that is so complicated to setup.

    How did you find out about it? Through the Global Game Jam project page? If that’s the case, then I’m really sorry because that version was kinda broken. Especially the very difficult bridge level (I was the level designer, sorry for that!!)

    • I follow Kenny B’s Tumblr.

      Do you mean there’s a newer version in the works?

      • Yeah, since the Global Game Jam, we made a bunch of tweaks to the game. A lot of bug fixes (text being mirrored, checkpoints that didn’t work). I also made some changes to the level design, especially the bridge level. Now, it’s easier to navigate (platforms are less narrow). And better feedback when respawning at a checkpoint, to better orient the player.

        I exported a new build here: https://github.com/nihilocrat/ggj2014_omen/releases

        But to be honest, if you finished the game already, you won’t see any new stuff. It’s only fixes.

  4. haven’t gotten a chance to try it, but stretching it over 2 monitors is a really neat idea