Weird Egg & Crushing Finger (Mason Lindroth)

weirdeggandcrusherControl with mouse. Press to crush things. Hold mouse down to push things.

Collect souls (the round glowing things) by pushing the sorcerers (identifiable by their blue robes) into them.
When you collect 13 souls the humanoids will do a dance. (This is the de-facto victory condition) – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I love Mason’s art so bad. the colours! the music! the game! amazing.

  2. the dancing animations is cute! is there a way to take out the skull monsters or are they supposed to take over

  3. I like the feeling of being a big, clumsy creature trying to interact with this little world.

  4. downloadattachment

    It says Play Online (Flash) but the link goes to a page that says “Download Attachment”.

  5. What’s a soul represented by in this game? 😥