The Labyrinth of Keys (Matthew Rodriguez, ZeroTron, Khananaphone)


Your goal is to escape from the Labyrinth of Keys. However, not all of the doors in the game lead to freedom.[Author’s Description]

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  1. This was a really awesome game! But it feels really unforgiving… the game really shouldn’t reset puzzles when you lose your key. That effectively restarts the game, making progress impossible without doing it all in one go. I assume (and am pretty sure I read this somewhere in game) that it’s because there are puzzles that you can break forever. But why not have a ‘puzzle reset’ button in that room? It’s just so unforgiving the way it is D: Besides that it’s great, and the scare in the beginning was amazing.

    • It’s pretty unforgiving, yeah, but the tension of it is kinda refreshing in an era of games with instant restarts!

    • You don’t need to clear the entire labyrinth in one go. The contents of the books don’t change, so all you need to do in one go is make it to a book and write down what’s in it. Repeat for each book in the game. Once you’ve worked out which door is the exit, all you need to do is make it to that door in one go.

      Nonetheless, there ARE rooms that stay solved even when you lose and reclaim the key.

  2. Resetting puzzles is not the same as resetting the game, because resetting the entire game also changes which door is the exit (and hence changes the hints about where the correct door is), whereas merely warping back to the entrance and collecting the key again just resets some of the puzzles. I was flummoxed for quite a while, actually, because I had restarted the game and was applying information from across two different playthroughs to determine the door, which was causing me to rule out every door.

  3. This is pretty amazing! My only complaint is that it seems like you’re only allowed to solve the locks puzzle once. This means you have to save that part for last, since you only get one shot to visit the resulting area and you need to have enough information to know whether you should enter that door or not. (Also, if you die between solving the puzzle and reading the book right after it, there’s no way to get back there again.) I think this is the only part of the game where it’s possible to require a full restart without losing the key, so I was pretty tripped up when that happened.

    • That’s a bug, yeah, and one I knew about. I have a local version where I fixed that bug. I was gonna release a new version including that fix and a few others, but I got delayed doing other stuff.

  4. Wow, that was really hard – but definitely worth it.

  5. This game is everything I love about Milon’s Secret Castle.

  6. Ahhhh! You found this on your own! I was going to wait until I’d polished it a bit more to send this to you!

    Anyway, thanks so much for featuring my game, and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!

  7. I updated the game today. Your link to the Windows version is broken now. Sorry about that. I didn’t want to upload version 1.1 with the filename “”. I set the filename to simply “” so you won’t have to change it again.