The Blind Hunter (Jord Farrell)

I’ve often wanted to play with permanent blindness as a gameplay element, but you added interesting twists by making it a top-down sniping game and adding bits of horror in. – [Commenter’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. Pretty hard, but tons of smarts here. I’m struggling with level 4 right now. Level 1 took me a long time to figure out because the game is 2D and all about small visual clues, while I was under the impression it was going to be a 3D game with complex stereo sound.

    • Yeah finished level 9! I still don’t understand that last secret passage. Was I supposed to do something besides end up wandering the void?

      • Jord Farrell/MrTedders

        Hey, David! Im glad you enjoyed the game! Nah level 9 is pretty much just the end level, the kill or be killed level.

        • Then I must’ve hit a bug. If you stand still and let the enemies walk past you, you can walk to the end of the level, where some walls aren’t solid.

          Anyway excellent work!

  2. Babemaster Level 99

    Cool game bro. Scary shit 😉