Rude Bear Resurrection (Alex Rose)



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  1. For posterity: I think it’s pretty cool that the teamwork route was opened before the platforming route.

    • Yep, that tends to happen on most runs, with the exception of a few extremely competent players smashing their way through the platforming section super quickly.

      To some extent the platforming route is teamworky too, since the switches and buttons open up the route for everyone else and the corpses act as meat shields or at least warnings in a lot of rooms.

      The basement is also arguably the section where people are the most horrible to each other, giving intentionally terrible advice like “spikes on the left” when they’re actually on the right at the lift.

      (Should probably add for context that the description that says it can “only be completed once” was written before it leaked that there’s a twist upon completing the game).

  2. Thanks a whole bunch for featuring RBR! Means a lot to me, especially from Terry.

  3. Um… I think I caused a body pile-up that’s made the current stage unbeatable ๐Ÿ˜› sorry guys

    • architectural diagram

      hahaha, oh my goodness you really did

      • Impressive. I did a bit of caretaking and moved your corpses around a little. It’s possible again now.

        Even failing that, though, it only spawns the last 100 corpses, so if some new players who don’t know the game come in and die a lot, they tend to clean up messes like that.

    • architectural diagram

      how did you even do that, by the way?

      • There was one body in the way originally that I got stuck on and I ended up dying, and I replayed a few times, getting stuck every time, and just having it snowball into death for everyone ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Man, for some reason I’m able to play multiple times? Whilst awesome (as I got to see the later parts of the game, which I can’t beat even with multiple tries) this strikes me as a bug.

  5. @Alex – thank you! I was short on the throne.

    I really dig how the players interact in asynch multiplayer games like this. Having completed the game, it’s a lot easier for me to help other folks out, so I played through until I switched both beacons on in the basement. Now anyone playing the game should be able to get to the tower without too much hassle, until the next time through.

    ALSO: I left “why am I allergic to spikes” as one of my death messages, and someone wrote: “why am I allergic too” next to my corpse. That was really cute.

  6. Winner #17 checking in. Great game, feels good to be immortalized.

    • Cheers.

      I’m really impressed with the quality of humourous comments left since it got posted here. The first couple of days of Ludum Dare there were some really amusing comments, then they became very interspersed, but I’d say the majority of corpse messages the past couple of days have been hilarious.

  7. architectural diagram

    Winner #25 reporting.

    Beating this game is such an amazing feeling. It makes all the dying and weird difficulty worth it.

  8. Jumping off the world is fun!

    • Haha, nice one. Did you jump off the right or the left?

      • Jumped off the right side during the boss fight. The yellow blur at the bottom of the screenshot is me.

        • Yeah, I just often see people trying to jump off the left side, there’s a lot of corpses stacked around there. Their proximity to the edge leads me to believe they might’ve been successful too.

          I have no idea how they manage to get off the left though. Maybe jumping up to the top platforms and just launching and double jumping? I can see how you could get off the right.

  9. #36 here. Really great/interesting experience, leaderboard was definitely worth the struggle. :p

  10. IDontKnowWhatToCallMyself

    I played this game at Insomnia 51 today its awesome!