Light Fantastik (Kabraxis)


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A puzzle platformer set in a maze and it’s reflection, which one can be seen and other can be climbed. Decide your way up in Light side and climb it at inverted side![Author’s description]

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  1. Starting off, 60 seconds on the timer, you’ll think this is going to be a normal platforming game, when quickly you learn it’s not. As you hit the dark side of the screen suddenly you’ll see a reflection. It’s no ordinary reflection, you’re controlling it. Every time you touch each reflection you’ll switch back and forth to the light and dark side of the screen. Use the light side; remember it to traverse the dark. The dark can jump higher, so use that to your advantage. Addictive game and challenges your brain to be ready to switch the use of controls at any moment. Enjoyed it very much!

  2. Great concept and fun at first, but for people like me who aren’t platforming masters, it just gets frustrating. Would be much better without the timer, in my opinion. Time limits can be fun when done right, but here it just feels like artificial difficulty.