Drop Swap (Aaron Steed)


Had an idea rolling around in my head for what a more arcade version of Mandy Crush would be like. – [Author’s description]

[Play Online (HTML5)]


  1. I’ve been going back to this one every few days for a while now. Cool to see a PuzzleScript game have so much replay value.

    • I, too, have been coming back to this game so much since I found it a few weeks ago on the puzzlescript forums. Even considering doing a LP video of it just to show it off.

  2. Oh man, I beat it. I feel smart.

    • If you didn’t say this, I would have assumed it was impossible.

      I mean, certainly it isn’t. Maybe. It sure feels like it. 😡

      • Wait till he makes more levels! I was a few levels in before I learned some advanced techniques for making matches, and by then I was forgetting some of my old techniques. I also learned to stay near the floor and to take all the chances I could to clear out gems and skulls. One or two of the lowest count match-making routines are pretty hard to remember or even to figure out in the first place!

        • The floor thing is interesting. At the moment, every level provides strong incentives to stay at the bottom of the screen. I wonder what mechanics you could introduce to change that?