A U G U R (oh no problems)


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  1. I never realized the many day-to-day utilities an all-absorbing eye can handle. I have been living a fool’s life.

  2. the variant gunarm scenes/descriptions are so. good.

  3. Yes, the all-absorbing eye was the hands-down starter choice in my opinion.

    This was a great ride with a totally called-for abundance of “hell fucking yes” and the like. And it was pretty poignant in some spots. In particular, Q’s initial rejection really stung, which made the eventual union all the sweeter.

    My only issue was I was hoping it would be more fucked up and graphic than it turned out to be. But maybe I’m just jaded after the initial shockwave of Sabbat.

  4. Kitty Horrorshow

    this is just too fucking heartwarming and the obsession with guts is my favorite thing. love HGS