Best of 2013: ???


by Jake Clover

Miracles Magpie

by Torporcandy (John Candy)

i hate the dark

by angrygeometry


by Lilith

Blues for Mittavinda

by Jack King-Spooner

Dream Fishing

by Sophie Houlden

Problem Attic

by Liz Ryerson


by Vested Interest


by Andi McClure and Michael Brough

Room of 1000 Snakes

by Ben Esposito and Yuliy Vigdorchik


  1. Really great list. Haven’t played first two yet, the rest are some of my favourites.

  2. Only have played Blues for Mittavinda and Dream Fishing, cool list!

  3. My favourite has got to be Simian.Interface(Nothing to do with the similarity to my name though xD) 😀

    On another note, how do I get a game on this site? One I’ve made?

  4. Room of 1000 snakes was my favorite of the bunch. 😛

  5. While I would certainly not be confident in declaring it the single best of 2013, any list of best free indie games of 2013 must include Blues for Mittavinda. The other items on this list are good but not as essential.

  6. Mittavinda is great. It has a clear, concise message that it delivers without futzing around in undue symbolism or metaphor. It has humor that doesn’t disarm its serious parts. It’s short, and feels complete, unlike a lot of indie games that seem to quit to desktop right when things are getting interesting.

    Yep, it’s a great game. I can’t fully explain why. Everyone should try it. People who don’t want to try it should try it anyway.

    Symbol is also really, really sharp. The snake game gets Honorable Mention.

  7. i’ll have to work harder this year….