Best of 2013: Roguelike-likes


by Michael Brough


by Aaron Steed

A Dark Room

by Doublespeak Games

A False Saint, An Honest Rogue

by humbit

Four Scepters

by Benjamin


by Aaron Steed


  1. Man, good year for this category.

  2. My favourite free roguelike-like this year was Wasteland Kings, but there are many on this list I never got around to playing.

    • Ooh, I guess we missed when the original prototype was released as freeware back in September:

    • Yeah, I played the hell out of Wasteland Kings when it first came out. And now, Nuclear Throne is on the way. It’s tough to know what to put on a freeware list when some of this stuff goes to market a few months later (868-HACK has an improved paid version as well).

      Makes me happy to see it happen.