Best of 2013: Interactive Fiction

counterfeit monkey

Counterfeit Monkey
by Emily Short


Save the Date
by Christ Cornell


Zero Hour
by Andi McClure


Your Swimsuit Jumped Over Its Own Weathercock, You Liar!
by Amy Roberts


Ex Nihilo
by Juhana Leinonen

18 cadence

18 Cadence
by Aaron Reed


by Pierre Chevalier


by Lynnea Glasser


by arrogant.gamer


Castle of the Red Prince
by C.E.J. Pacian


  1. twine is a separate list in case anyone was wondering

  2. Save the Date starts out as funny, then it gets funny & meta, then it goes meta & philosophical. There were lines of dialogue at the end that made me just sit still and think about stuff for a while. I don’t know what “really” happens at the end of the story, because I took her advice and ended it how I chose to. It’s like I saved her fictional life and now she’s chilling out on my computer along with White Face from Imscared, or whatever. Folks should play this.

    I haven’t messed with 18 Cadence as much as I’ve wanted to, but it’s giving me major Cloud Atlas vibes. Humanity transcending barriers across time and whatnot. And I wanna cobble together a silly story using snippets from different objects and time periods. I had one going where the couple from the first story (1910s?) gave birth to a baby that never aged past year 1, and they decided to just ignore it (i.e. leave it in the snow during winter, leave fireplace pokers and knives in its crib). I think that immortal baby needs to hide under the floorboards and terrify the new occupants of the house over the next few decades. For revenge purposes, or whatever. The best part about evil babies is that you never need to give them a proper motivation. They’re just babies. 👿