Alice mare (△○□× [Miwashiba])

This is an exploration game with a storybook/fairytale motif.
There’s really only, say, a teaspoon of horror. Those not good with horror should be more or less fine.
Don’t worry, there are no chases or anything like that.
[Author’s Description]

If no dialogue shows up, you need to download and install the MS Gothic font.

If the screen goes black and stays that way, it’s not frozen, it’s intentional. Just walk up.[Translator’s Notes]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Great game.

  2. This game is really interesting, the storyline really draws you in and eerie atmosphere keeps you on your toes, I’m currently doing a lets play of it and have yet to finish but I can’t wait.
    If you wanna check it out feel free 🙂

    Click here to watch!

  3. How do you get the game to a full screen? I have a very small screen. :/

    • You can press F4 to resize the screen. There’s also a fullscreen option if you run Config.exe in the same folder.