Troll Logic (RedR)

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 21.54.56
Through the open door of the cottage Ulgar sits staring at you.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (HTML/Twine)]


  1. Oh my gosh look at that cottage it’s so great and customized and suave and fitting Just look him greeting you as you walk in, raising his goblet for you. Man I need one of those goblets it would be so great can i have on of those goblets? no?

    Hey congratulations on this release it’s so centered and intricate Just look at that Bed it’s green.

    The pole played too much of coconut milk. I trapped it outdoors so groovy and money appeared. And I am tired. I am satisfied. You can angel the whales to be secure the fabric and freaked the terotoronatticus land. I was moving around and thought hard.

    A must play to experience the Goblet Ulgar in action!