The Very Organized Thief (arcane.artist)

You are a thief. A very organized thief. Find all the items on your checklist and then escape the house…[Author’s Description]

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  2. I’m just gonna wait for someone to post what happens when you win. The randomized items make it a pain in the ass, although I guess that’s part of the point.

  3. Ahh, this is so good! The randomization, I think, is good- it prevents people from figuring out the definite locations and just grabbing everything in ten seconds. The game is certainly meant to be replayed, even after having completed it once.

    When I heard the car, I hid in a closet in the current room for a minute. So far, I’ve found it impossible to get any remaining items after the owner is in the house- it’s very difficult to tell where they are by sound, and sight is pretty much out of the question.

  4. It’s been updated with more objects, a smarter homeowner who has better animation and louder footsteps, and other stuff. Fantastic game. I can imagine a commercial version where you play the thief’s career, hit different houses, etc.