The Isles (Zaratustra, Karyn Ribas)


The Isles is part of the SHARECART 1000 project. It may have unusual effects when installed along with the following games:

  • Post-Future Vagabond by Michael Brough
  • FJORDS by Kyle Reimergartin

Make sure all games are installed under the same SHARECART1000 directory.[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]


  1. ‘desert’

  2. Twice I’ve gotten stuck in the trees and couldn’t get out except by deleting and reunzipping the game to delete the save data to get out of it.

  3. I updated the game such that you can’t start at an instant gameover and also will be reminded of what to press if you get stuck

  4. I can’t get anywhere. I’m overpowered by everyone and I don’t know how to do anything besides swipe my sword and use the magic whistle or whatever it is that warps me. I can’t explore more than a screen or two before an enemy tracks me down and kills me.