The Entertainment (Cardboard Computer)

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The plays ‘A Reckoning’ and ‘A Bar-fly’ were written by Lem Doolittle, and later adapted by Joseph Wheattree for simultaneous performance as ‘The Entertainment.’[Author’s description]

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  1. Beyond being a hilariously accurate parody of the Southern Gothic theater, I’m not sure I totally understand the idea behind this one.

    Obviously there are some shared characters and concepts (the set designer, Hard Times whisky) with Kentucky Route Zero — does anyone understand the connection there? Or is this a stealth prologue for act III?

  2. Hmm… is this end just this endless…?

  3. It’s a play by Lula Chamberlain, who might or might not have created the world in Kentucky Route Zero. We know that a lot of her concepts ended up in the game at least, because actual objects from KRZ were showcased in the museum in Limits & Demonstrations and credited her as the artist.

    The Entertainment, then, could be viewed as another piece of meta dialogue surrounding the game. It shares that wonderfully mysterious and elusive aesthetic. You either like it or you don’t, I guess. Personally I love how these small interludes expand upon the world, the characters and the many layers of meaning embedded in KRZ.

  4. That was… strangely intense at the end.

  5. you guys gone to the black and white version of the game after you played it? takes you to a book shop selling the lem dollittle book of the play? and that they will have had that book printed up specially? published 2013….. and theres no mention of a real lem doolittle anywhere on the net except in association with the game?! i ordered the book…its all mind blowing this 🙂