Post-Future Vagabond (Michael Brough)

sharecart 1000.
use arrow keys for motion steps and then powerful Z to fire Z-laser!
maybe X as well some day.
beware the enemies and especially the last enemy and the boss and oh no ghosts.
– [WHAT IS THIS.txt]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]


  1. yessssssssssssss

  2. I… this is awesome

  3. I’m terrible at this but I still like it

  4. Was not expecting something this action heavy from Brough, but it definitely works. The reset ability made the furious pacing of this game really work without actually frustrating me.

  5. Very fun. Is there an end to the game, or just an unending series of levels? I’ve gotten to 102.

  6. Ooh, And Yet It Moves-esque music.

  7. Is “SHARECART” a reference I’m not getting? I swear I’ve seen it in several other places…

  8. So far, All I can see of this ShareCart nonsense is that this game includes a completely blank save file for The Isles, meaning you get a game over right when you start because your health isn’t defined.

    • Oh, dear. Any time-traveler knows that jumping straight to the post-future is dangerous business, even for the heartiest of vagabonds. But if you simply must go vacationing on the Isles — and they are lovely this time of year — my grandmother always said bounty hunting can prove quite recuperative for a time-addled paradox-hound such as yourself.

    • SHARECART1000/dat/o_o.ini