Plant Cat: First Blossom (flashygoodness, Pongball, potato-tan, Kenju, Pix3M)

Use your magnificent seed-planting techniques to eradicate the high mountains that block your way![Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I can see the usual influences of Trip World, Kirby and Nintendo R&D1, which are always good…

    Though, I wonder, given its fairly rigid adherence to the GB feel, if the rapid scrolling is a slight anachronism. Wouldn’t it be far too blurry on the original GB?

    • Thinking about the scene transitions in a game like Link’s Awakening, the answer is: I dunno.

      A couple of the GBJam games were actual GB roms; it makes me wonder what would need to be done to get this working on real hardware, exactly what would need scaling down.

  2. I loved how the bunnies run away from you afraid of your plant encapsulation of inconvenience. Bwahahaha.