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Alien Splatter (Sinclairian)

20XX ALIENS INVADED EARTH – [In-game description]

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♥Arachne♥ (Fractoluminous)


It’s about weaving, stories, hacking, magic & gender.[Author’s description]

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DOUG (doug)


today’s guest game is by doug. – [Author’s description]

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Nasty (thecatamites)


that’s a lot of effort for a joke someone else already made!!![Author’s description]

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Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective (Arcane Kids)

96a424c679265d3a611174e7c6b477b0In honor of Bubsy’s 18th birthday we’re bringing Bubsy back, right to your browser! Play with sound![Author’s description]

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Cigar Afficionado (thecatamites)


I have seen this movie many times and am always extremely moved. – [Author’s description]

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FF35 (thecatamites)


FFUCK THIS SHIT [Author’s description]

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Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this, but I really really like it.[Author’s Description]

(This is a Sharecart 1000 game. Try running Sharecart games from the same directory…)

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Suzy and Freedom (Calunio)

Suzy and freedom is a short adventure game made for RMN’s 2013 All Hallows’ Eve Event. Theme: Non-fiction horror. It is inspired by a real life crime that happened in Brazil.

On October 31st 2002, a couple was found dead in their bed. What first appeared to be a burglary followed by murder left too many unusual traces, and the police soon figured that whoever did it was probably someone familiar with that house. Less than a week of investigation revealed that the murder was planned by the couple’s own daughter, with the help of her boyfriend and his brother.

The game tries to reenact this story from the perspective of various characters involved. Each scene is focused on a different character, and uses a different style of gameplay to represent his motivations and goals.

Suzy and freedom is NOT, however, an attempt to recreate the original story in a completely faithful and exact fashion.[Author’s Description]

(via Paul Hack,

[Download for Windows]

Mogigi 2 (Ikiki)

(shift to start)

arrow keys to move

control key weapon shot

z key punch

shift key (on land) jump

down plus shift (in mid air) fall down [onto land]
[Controls, translated by John Polson]

(via Tim W,

[Download for Windows]