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The Entertainment (Cardboard Computer)

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The plays ‘A Reckoning’ and ‘A Bar-fly’ were written by Lem Doolittle, and later adapted by Joseph Wheattree for simultaneous performance as ‘The Entertainment.’[Author’s description]

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Troll Logic (RedR)

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Through the open door of the cottage Ulgar sits staring at you.[Author’s description]

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Sokoslam (Aaron Steed)

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My stupid Brother[Author’s description]

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The Burrow (Yuliya Kozhemyako, Petr Timofeev, Daniil Alshevsky)

if you find some bugs, please, let us know[Author’s description]

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Adventurer’s Consumer Guide (Øyvind Thorsby)

One of my favorite games that not very many people seem to have played. An unabashed puzzlefest, but a highly enjoyable one: not too linear, with several interesting objects that have multiple uses. Thorsby has a theory about IF that doesn’t need the player to overuse the EXAMINE verb, which means that the feel and pace of this one is a little atypical — but it’s a strong design and well worth trying out.[Emily Short’s description]

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Note: to play .ulx files you’ll need a GLULX interpreter like GLULXE.

Regular Girl Margaret Johnson (Dustin Cooper, MsGlitterqueef)

Rumors abound about strange beings who are immune to magic. Conspiracy nuts will talk your ear off about how they could destroy everything and how the government is keeping them secret. But could one of these “regular girls” really exist?[Author’s description]

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Zero Hour (Andi McClure)


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Bubsy the Bobcat in “Rip Van Bubsy” Starring Bubsy (thecatamites)

Oh no! Every time Bubsy The Bobcat goes to sleep, he wakes up ten years later. Help Bubsy find a solution before he withers and dies.[Author’s description]

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Creamerz (thecatamites)

This was an advergame developed as part of the Creamerz 2013 message campaign. This game performed extremely well at letting viewers know about the Creamerz and I’d like to share it just to promote knowledge and discussion in the community.[Author’s description]

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Jostle Bastard (Pippin Barr)

I played Hotline Miami and found what felt, to me, like almost no commentary or engagement with violence at all.[Author’s description]

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