Orbis (Taylor Anderson)

A musical, minimalist top down shooter. Dodge enemies, make friends, and form shields to survive. Headphones recommended. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. FourthFloorGames

    I’m gonna add a bunch more content to this game in the very near future, so if you think its too short/enemies aren’t diverse enough, those problems are being addressed

  2. I love this game. I was kinda hating it at first with the constriction of shooting only 4 directions, but the I learned when I can place turrets and I love it.

    • Oh, and that you can power up the turrets by shooting them. Love it!

      • FourthFloorGames

        I’m really glad you like it! You can also put down a shield powerup (with the spacebar) that you can pick up at any time to give yourself a brief period of invincibility. Not many people use it, but its actually pretty effective!