Jostle Bastard (Pippin Barr)

I played Hotline Miami and found what felt, to me, like almost no commentary or engagement with violence at all.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is fantastic. I am a reformed member of society: a gentle, clumsy giant. I just want to love, but the world just sees a bastard. I don’t communicate very well sometimes, it’s true. 🙁 Sometimes I get angry too.

    I hope all the unwinnable games are as good as this & Un EP (& Sacrilege if that counts!?).

  2. Maybe I need to give this more time? I think the music was getting to me. I liked the nature of the experience, but maybe not the experience itself. I think also the website header was bothering me.

  3. The experience feels ultimately incomplete to me, I’m afraid to say.

  4. The best part is how the bumping sound effect matches the music.