Be Home By Midnight (fizzhog)


You’ve been to a party and now you have to get home by midnight. You feel a little peculiar and you’re lost. The only clues you have about the way home are the words that keep popping into your head. And, if you can overcome your feelings of paranoia, you may be able to get directions from strangers – [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]


  1. Ahh, this is quite good! The feelings it brings up are threatening, and I’m sure anybody who’s tried to find their way at night can relate to it (at least we do not also live in such a strangely formed universe!)

    The conversation sequences were interesting- I don’t know if there’s more depth to matching the mouths as the readme says that I’m missing out on, but I liked the approach to symbolizing the awkwardness of trying to talk with a stranger.

    I found it a bit frustrating to play, since I could not see the status bar due to the window being too tall for my computer screen, and no way as far as I can tell to go into full screen.