100 Free Assets (Rylie James Thomas)

100freeassets pic2 640x

I downloaded as many of the things listed here (https://ethicalgames.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/unity-asset-store-100-free-assets-in-my-new-unity-asset-store-guide/) as I could, then used them to make something interesting to explore. I don’t know what happened to the jumping, but it’s good.[Author’s description]

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  1. cant run mac

    • Oh. I don’t have a Mac myself, just went with Unity’s standard exporting options. I’ll be able to Mac test it on Monday; does it give you any sort of error messages?

      • No it opens and close in half a second and nothing happens do you know what is black and scratching on the glass?

  2. It’s so frightening when collision masks aren’t where you’d expect when you’re falling through the void.