10 More Bullets (Michel Gerard)

How many ships can you destroy with 10 more bullets? – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. A considerably more interesting game that I expected. One button, a plus. Really have to think things out to combo them, a plus. But on the minus it’s an upgrade game, meaning if you’re doing better it’s not you who’s doing better, it’s the game letting you do better. But that’s my own little soapbox and overall the single button chaining huge combo thing is very satisfying.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what it is about upgrade games. Sometimes I barely play them and get sick and leave, but then other times I get sick from playing them *too much*.

      It’s like… I *want* to hate the genre, but geeze I played Burrito Bison for way longer than I’d care to admit.

      • True that. Often it’s like, what the fuck dev, you’re manipulating me into playing a monotonous game for hours, and I know exactly how you’re doing it, so why does it feel so good?

  2. The appeal is a lot like pinball; setting off large chain reactions with minimal input. I liked how the upgrade system just increased the preexisting game variables rather than introducing mechanics to handicap the player (like auto-targetting hehe). Upgrading makes scoring high easier but getting that initial chain reaction still takes some skill. That being said I didn’t bother with the final round of upgrades.

  3. Really, really fun. I’m a sucker for chain reaction games. This reminds me of an older game that I can only vaguely recall right now… Anyway, the ammo limit and the upgrades make this insanely addictive. And it’s pretty.

  4. Found it really fun. Didn’t notice the ‘upgrade’ stuff until I read the comments. Bookmarked this just because it’s satisfying and simple. I like the background art and the music.