The Junkie (Vladeta Stojanovic)

The main reason why I decided to create this game prototype was to attempt to describe my experiences of living in the city centre of Dundee and often seeing drug addicts around my area. I tried to imagine how they would see the world around them in some sort of abstract and perhaps meaningless way.

In terms of visuals, I was inspired by the literary works of William Borroughs (mainly Naked Lunch and The Ticket That Exploded) – as he himself struggled with heroin addiction. Additionally, I was also influenced by the visual style of the NSK political art collective, drawing inspiration from their totalitarian, conformist and morbid symbolism. The Junkie game prototype is something like a poem represented through a series of ten different scenes – where each scene can be thought of as an interactive artwork (perhaps comparable to a painting).[Author’s Description]

(This game is build using XNA, and may require installation of the XNA 4.0 Redistributable.)

[Download for Windows]


  1. Wow, intense. That’s pretty close to how I remember Dundee… Better without description&readme, just the title maybe.

  2. for me the description provided a background and context that high-end the experience, perhaps because it made it more tangible. but, i played it first without reading much and loved being lost in it, so both ways work great.