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Shapes ‘N’ Mates (Major Bueno, Ki)

Use the mouse to click and drag shapes onto their desired location.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Bogey’s Report (thecatamites)

well, sometimes things just don’t come out as you’d like. i’m sorry ma. i’m sorry da. i’m sorry sam. i’m sorry bogey. sorry. sorry. sorry.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

Yume Nikki 3D (Zykov Eddy)

Yume Nikki 3d is a fan game based on Yume Nikki universe (if you haven’t played the original Yume Nikki, I highly recommend it). The game is not a simple 3d remake, but rather a spin-off to the original, with lots of extra content. Instead of using RPG Maker, I used an old 3d engine from the 90’s. – [Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

Clicking Bad (nullism)

Riveting stuff you can do:

Cook meth
Sell meth
Buy property and items for cooking meth
Hire common rabble for selling meth
Purchase meth related upgrades
[Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

One Last Dance For The Capitalist Pigs (Julien Lallevé)

A short first person adventure game whose story I’d rather not describe with more words than there are in the title.

Gamepad and input remapping are supported with the in-game menu.[Author’s Description]

(via Paul Hack,

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]
[Download for Linux]

Cute Train (Mark Wonnacott)

Welcome to the breezy isles! – [in game text]

[Play online (HTML5)]

Lakeview Cabin (Hypnohustla)

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 01.47.21
What a great day! Not a care in the world. Why not mow the lawn or enjoy some beverages? Relax at the sauna? Or hunt something to eat! Enjoy a peaceful weekend at your very own lakeview cabin![Author’s description]

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Cratopia (CHz)

I love crates.[Author’s description]

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Candy Box 2 (aniwey)


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EMMA (Pierre Chevalier)


– goes to Google Street View, and downloads a random picture

– applies effects to the picture

– picks a random text sample from the database

– displays text and pictures

[Author’s description]

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