Lakeview Cabin (Hypnohustla)

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 01.47.21
What a great day! Not a care in the world. Why not mow the lawn or enjoy some beverages? Relax at the sauna? Or hunt something to eat! Enjoy a peaceful weekend at your very own lakeview cabin![Author’s description]

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  1. Oh man. That was intense.

  2. This one was HARD. But also great.

    Normally we talk about horror games when they try to scare the player. But it feels like this one is a horror game on a much deeper layer, because it’s just really committed to horror tropes and the narrative genre of horror as a whole.

    Not that that’s necessarily a good thing to do, but this one does it in a particularly genuine way, it feels very honest and I like that.

  3. I like this game a whole lot! So many things to do and try, actually only a few of them necessary to kill…them.