Heroes of Sokoban 3 (Jonah Ostroff)

Many years have passed since the events of Heroes of Sokoban II.[Author’s description]

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  1. Bonus challenge! On the level with twelve goblins, don’t kill any goblins.

    Shout out to somebody on Twitter for helping me realize this was possible.

  2. Giving up on the bard/priest level because it feels too arbitrary and finicky… sorry.

  3. Yeah, sorry about that one. Here’s a spoiler:


  4. I got the bard stuck in my head all day. You know that feeling when you try to concentrate and suddenly your brain suddenly starts playing an imaginary game?

  5. Man I hate bards so much, but I love druids.

    • I can definitely see why 2 was not highly recommended also. Dragons and goblins barely change the game, but druids and bards completely mess with it.