Desert Hike Ex (Twinbeard Studios)

With only the backup Bitcoins you kept in your sock, you’re going to have to hike all the way back to San Francisco.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Tbh, I don’t really understand the appeal of this game 🙁

    I try to avoid being a downer, but I get pretty pumped by new Highly Recommended games, and besides some pretty funny cracks at the whole startup culture we have going, I don’t see the appeal.

    Is this some nostalgic reference to an older game? I never played Oregon Trail. (I did play super amazing wagon adventure, and this seems familiar)

    Maybe Porpentine’s post later this week will help me understand

    • I don’t have any strong opinions on it, it’s a series of CYOA choices in an Oregon Trail wrapper…I wouldn’t say you’re overlooking anything

    • I’m one of the devs. I was pleasantly shocked to see the highly recommended tag here, especially since I’m pretty sure Terry didn’t grow up in a place where schools had Oregon Trail. I’m guessing he just found it very funny.

      As Porpentine says, there’s not much to it beyond a collection of one-off events; we didn’t have time to shape then into a larger narrative.

      • yeah the thing about Highly Recommended is that in general it’s a pretty good guide but it’s also the most subjective thing ever and sometimes it’s just something that made one of us laugh a lot

      • Having played many hours of Oregon Trail as a kid and being familiar with that sort of nouveau (or whatever) tech culture, I did get quite a few laughs out of this. Makes me think I should get a treadmill desk.

        (Also, Winnipeg? That’s pretty far off course!) 😛

  2. Worth it for the opening screen alone.

  3. I really enjoyed it. Possibly the first time in a game I’ve solved a problem by drinking.

  4. Some good jokes about Canadians in there…