Clicking Bad (nullism)

Riveting stuff you can do:

Cook meth
Sell meth
Buy property and items for cooking meth
Hire common rabble for selling meth
Purchase meth related upgrades
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  1. The fact that it’s a two-tiered generation system almost makes it require you to pay attention when you start off and is actually kind of interesting. It’s too bad that past that you can just idle.

    • With the IRS breathing down your neck, you can’t (optimally) idle for very long. Your illegal income always outstrips your ability to launder (unless you spend a ton more on fronts than production/distribution, I guess.) So if you leave it idling without spending your ill-gotten gains, you’ll eventually get busted down to your (much lower) ‘legit’ income.

      • That’s why you never invest laundered money. The IRS thing depends on your ratio of dirty to clean money, so if you keep a nice pad of laundered money, you can idle for days without a bust.

      • I’ve idled at around a 50% chance of an IRS bust, and have done fine just by laundering so much stuff. Got 14 out of 18 achievements so far.

        Also, it amuses me that even if you get to a -1000+% chance of a DEA bust, it never goes below “nearly impossible”.

  2. Hm. This game kind of reminds me of Endgame: Singularity, but with meth instead of computers.

    It’s also got a comparatively streamlined interface, and much more forgiving detection mechanics. I just wish I could figure out the right way to enjoy the endgame; right now I’m turtled way into the negatives (all of my income gets laundered instantly), and I can’t see anything to do but idle enough to unlock the final tier of MDL, and wait for my income to tick over enough to net me a quadrillion.

    This would be a lot easier to stomach if the rendering weren’t so gol-dang beefy whenever I have the tab visible. This seems like the curse of idle games: they just don’t seem to scale well in the endgame, computationally speaking.

    • Actually, thinking more on E:S, I wonder if an explicit research system would help with the flow of the game any. I dunno, it could just bog it down, like all of the processor micromanagement with the fiddly interfaces. (Not sure I would have minded so much if that were optional, but the only way to advance beyond “honestly kind of terrible” late-early-game tech was to start doing cost optimization on cpu cost and maintenance and output and desperately try to figure out the right upgrades)

      • Nothing to add to your game-mechanics discussion, but I would play the hell out of an Endgame: Singularity idle remake.