1213 (Ben Croshaw)

A man lies in a darkened cell, consumed by pain and sickness. He does not know where he is. He does not know how he came to be there. He does not even know his own name. All he knows is that he is being tortured by a bizarre, bespectacled man, who addresses him only as a number – Twelve-Thirteen.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

(Download all archive.org files into the same folder to play the game.)


  1. I find the best description of this to be on the author’s old site:

    “1213 is a psychological adventure in the style of Flashback, as in running shooting climby up ledges etc. It’s about an amnesiac who wakes up in a cell not knowing how he – hey, where’re you going? It gets better, honest!”

    It does really get much better. But as the commentary for episode 1 says, the story was conceived out of silly tropes and it takes a while to become its own thing.

    • For the spooky run, it was all stuff I remember ed being quite chilling.

      I hesitated on 1213, because of this thought: “Okay was this actually a good game? I remember it being great, but that was like a decade ago now.” 😳

      Probably his other series would have been more holiday appropriate, but it’s not the one that got stuck in me for whatever reason.

      (AGS platformers, it was once a thing)

  2. Really, it is not bad game. I liked second boss the most.