Pause Ahead (Askiisoft) [Remake]

Pause through the caves until you reach the ending.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. “But my sojourn stops here”

    Reading that bugged me.

  2. Pretty awesome. The boss I liked very much, once I realized every new damage you can inflict on it responds to a different mechanic.

  3. This is even more irritating than Super Meat Boy.

  4. Very fun, even if the boss was really grindy. Also, as a furry, hurray, I’m a wolfboy!

  5. I remember the proof of concept for this, maybe a ludum dare? Very pleased to see it fleshed out, this is great.

  6. ahaha i stared at the screenshot with a furrowed brow until i saw [Remake] and understood

  7. Meatboy twitch platforming meets single mechanic puzzler. This game was a dream to play, in particular it made me feel like a total cheater all the time. I think that’s a good sign when it comes to any puzzle platformers. The last boss was grindy, no doubt, but it was also pretty satisfying (I mean, the last boss of portal was similar: pays lip service to the game mechanic but is mostly something out of a more traditional game).