Nested (Orteil)


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(via Pengwertle)


  1. Oh, wow. This is tremendous.

  2. One of the best games I’ve played this year ❗ ❗

  3. Brandon Rothweiler

    I really want to find Earth.

  4. Nature’s lorekeepers

  5. archetype : butt

  6. Oh my god this is incredible!

  7. “naughty bits”???

  8. This is pretty special. #germlife

  9. funny that sometimes the game gets meta and conscious about itself

  10. Why is the title not bracketed with little stars? This is goddamned amazing.

  11. Oh wow oh wow oh wow this is so cool, this moment made my day:

  12. The nanobots are so fucking cute.

  13. – universe
     – galactic supercluster
      – galaxy
       – arm
        – star system
         – telluric planet
          – continent of America
           – country of Canada
            – east foggy region
             – city
              – residential area
               – a white house
                – living room
                 – Andrew Shouldice
                  – psyche
                   – thoughts
                    – This is Staggering!
                    – I wonder if Earth exists?
                    – Has anyone checked to see if the nested universes are duplicates?
                    – Is it randomly generated?

  14. This reminds me of Star Maker. Which is one of the highest compliments I could pay to anything, and in this case it’s fully deserved. I must find time to explore it fully 🙂

  15. if you like this one, check out the collaborative dropbox game FOLDERWORLD.

    it is pretty desolate at the moment, but lets get it rolling again!