Lime Rick (KissMaj7)

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to learn but in [Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

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  1. (It’s actually HTML5.)

  2. oh cool! looks like it’s an updated version of this old SFC Pageant game!

  3. Those reset apples make things pretty hairy. 😯

  4. Very Hard. But A Lot Of Fun :mrgreen:

  5. This is damned gratifying little munchkin!

  6. Wow! 38 levels of this is pretty daunting. Congratulations on your simple but challenging puzzler.

  7. Really terrific level design throughout. No extraneous mechanics, no enormous levels, just simple and clever challenges.

    One sign of a great puzzle is when it’s difficult enough that you won’t solve it right away, but clean enough that you can visualize the important parts in your head so the solution strikes you while you’re out for a walk, or taking a shower, or falling asleep. Levels 29 and 32 were that way for me.

  8. A truly splendid game. Love the name too.