I’m Fine (Rokashi)


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  1. Powerful in how intense and confessional it is. I admire that it didn’t hold anything back. Felt like the protagonist/ author wouldn’t like me the player/ reader (‘have I offered trite advice? pushed boundaries? pretended to understand when I didn’t? – yes) but that tension is Not a Bad Thing and it makes for an interesting read, especially when you are inhabiting the author-protaognist and so functionally it means you as protagonist-reader end up judging *yourself*.

    It reminded me strongly of friends who have had some very bad times in life and how they are learning to emerge from that trauma.

  2. Amazing how much I can relate to certain parts of this game. It is very well written. Does anyone know of any other games from the same creator?

  3. My previous post would have been better worded as “Amazing how much of this game speaks to me in a relatable way” because it’s the game that has done something amazing here, not me.